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How Much Do You Know About Bethlehem?


Bethlehem means House of…                                                                     ________________________


Wife of a Patriarch buried in Bethlehem                                                    ________________________


Name of Bethlehem back in Genesis                                                          ________________________


Tribe in the North that also had a Bethlehem                                             ________________________


Tribe in the South home to the more famous                Bethlehem                          ________________________


Most famous Mother-in-law from Bethlehem                                            ________________________


Most famous Moabite woman who lived in Bethlehem                            ________________________


Wealthy Kinsman Redeemer from Bethlehem                                           ________________________


Number of miles from Bethlehem to Jerusalem                                         ________________________


The Bethlehemite Samuel thought was the Lord’s anointed                     _______________________


Man with 8 sons who lived in Bethlehem                                                   ________________________


Most famous musician (and much more) from Bethlehem                       ________________________


Slain by Abner, this warrior was buried in Bethlehem                               ________________________


Bible bad guys who built a garrison in Bethlehem                                    ________________________


Bethlehem is this many feet above sea level                                              ________________________


King who converted Bethlehem into a military stronghold                       ________________________


Number of male exiles from Bethlehem that returned after exile             ________________________


Prophet who said Messiah would come from Bethlehem                          ________________________


Murderous king who had infants killed after Jesus was born                    ________________________


Prophet who foresaw the massacre of infants                                             ________________________


Descendant of King David forced to return for the census                        ________________________


Stinky men who made haste to see baby Jesus                                           ________________________


Possible population at time of Jesus’ birth (Albright)                               ________________________


Number of people who live in Bethlehem today (Wikipedia)                   ________________________


The oldest existing Church in the world is the Church of the                   ________________________


Word Bank:       Asahel                  Boaz                     Bread                    David                   Eliab                     Ephrath

Herod                   Jeremiah              Jesse                     Joseph                  Judah                    Micah                   Naomi

Nativity                Philistines            Rachel                  Rehoboam           Ruth                      Shepherds               Zebulon

5                            123                       300                       2550                     25,000


References:         Genesis 35:19      Joshua 19:15       Ruth 1:22             Ruth 4:13-14       I Sam. 16:6               I Sam. 16:18

II Sam. 2:32         II Sam. 23:14       II Sam. 23:24       II Chr. 11:6          Ezra 2:21             Jeremiah 31:15               Micah 5:2

Matthew 2:1        Luke 2:4