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Thanksgivers Unite                Luke 17:11-19

Basic Outline of Luke:

The most extensive information about Jesus’ early life        Ch. 1-3

Jesus’ words and deeds establish that He is the Messiah      4:1-9:20

Jesus moves toward His impending death for sinners in Jerusalem                                                                                                  9:21-19:27

Jesus’ Passion Week in Jerusalem                                        19:28-24:53

Jesus makes time for people who cry out to Him, even ___________                                                                                           V. 11-13

Luke 9:18-22, 30, 51   Luke 13:22, 33-34       Luke 18:31-33

For Jesus people who needed Him were never a ________________ to fulfilling His mission – they were His mission!

Jesus ______________ turns anyone away who asks Him for mercy!

Our God Jesus can Heal from a ________________             V. 14

Leviticus 13-14 had detailed laws about lepers showing themselves to the Priests and getting the all clear before they ___________ society.

___________ are called to praise and thank Jesus              V. 15-18

Here’s the difference between praise and thanks - We praise God for who He is, and we thank Him for what He does! The 2 ____________ in grateful hearts!

The Samaritan man gets _______________                         V. 19

Matthew 1:21            

“The nine were declared clean by the priest, but this man was declared saved by the Son of God!”                 -Warren Wiersbe

Isaiah 1:18