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God’s Will Be Done…Just Do It!!


  • Many Christians are waiting for a sign, a feeling, or a momentous event in life to help them discover God’s will.
  • The apostle Paul never tells the believer to find the will of God; he expects the believer to do the will of God.
  • The Bible does not talk about the will of God being discovered; it talks about the will of God being declared.


  • God’s Declaration for His Will:
    • to the Holy Spirit’s Control.
    • Pursue Holy Living.
      • 1 Thess. 4:3
    • the Laws and Ordinances of your country.
      • 1 Peter 2:13-15a
    • Encounter Suffering and Tribulation.
      • 1 Peter 4:19
    • Have a spirit of Thanksgiving.
      • 1 Thess. 5:18
  • God has a way, through pressure and pain, maturing and growing, to change you to want what He wants. Psalm 23:1


Finding the Will of God:

Romans 12:1,2

  • Give God your body.
  • Give Him your life.
  • Give Him your worship.
  • You will know that you have found God’s will, for it is that which is good, that which is pleasing, and that which produces spiritual maturity.
  • View the will of God as that which is good, acceptable, and perfect through the lens of a transformed mind.


  • The will of God is not a matter of revelation, it is a matter of resignation.
  • The will of God is not found in a place, it is found in a Person.