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The Most Important Chapter in Prophecy

Daniel 9

God ENLIGHTENS those who study His Word                      V. 1-2

Daniel treated the scroll of Jeremiah as it was, the PRECIOUS Word of God.

Jeremiah 25:11-12      Jeremiah 29:10-14

Daniel was looking for LITERAL fulfilment of Jeremiah’s words and was not disappointed!

God HEARS those who pray diligently                                  V. 3-19

First, prayer must be FOCUSED

Second, prayer must be FACTUAL and fervent

Third, prayer must be FORTHRIGHT in claiming God’s promises

Fourth, prayer must be DIRECT in asking specifically for what you want

God RESPONDS to those who pray diligently                      V. 20-23

“Daniel, the moment you started praying, God sent me to help you, because in His eyes, you are greatly beloved!”

God gives the Messiah to COVER our sins!                           V. 24-27

70 weeks = 70 “Sevens”          2 Chronicles 36:21

Verse 24 does what prophecy often does: it MIXES things that will be accomplished at Christ’s first coming with the things that will be finally realized at His Second Coming.

Isaiah 9:6-7                                          Isaiah 53

Daniel’s unique contribution to Messiah’s death for sinners is basically giving us the TIMEFRAME for it to happen.

Artaxerxes Decree – 445/444 BC

So Messiah will be cut off 483 years after the decree to rebuild Jerusalem. It is here where Bible scholars use things like lunar and solar calendars to try and pinpoint when those years would be up. One of the more compelling arguments places the time being up about the time of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.

Think about Simeon in Luke 2:26

The Final Seven Years                                    V. 27

Daniel’s Seventieth Seven will be the time of the TRIBULATION spoken of in Jesus’ Olivet Discourse and Revelation chapters 6-19.

The “Time of the Gentiles” will be coming to an end, and Israel will take center stage again!

God’s stopwatch 

Acts 1:6-11