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Part 1 of Dr. Danny Campbell's "Facing Life's Challenges with the Apostle Paul" series.  This is Dr. Danny Campbell's sermon from the 10:15 a.m. service.


Sermon Notes:

Saul becomes a believer

Two Doctors…

The first doctor represents condemnation, which doctor death Satan uses to keep people from ever turning to Jesus. The second doctor represents conviction, which God the Holy Spirit uses to bring sinners to belief in Jesus Christ for eternal life.

New Mini-Series: Facing life’s challenges with the Apostle Paul.

Read I Timothy 1:12-17                                                         

Paul had answered God’s call on his life                                           V. 12

When Paul says God found him faithful he is stating that he had said “Yes” to what God wanted him to do with his life.

Paul’s greatest problem had been unbelief                                     V. 13

Paul says he was formerly a blasphemer.

Paul also says he was formerly a persecutor.

Paul says he was also formerly an insolent man.

What does that mean? It means rude and disrespectful.

I think disrespect and rudeness is a sure sign of a weak or non-existent relationship with Jesus, whether it is said in person or online.

John 3:16-18   John 16:7-11

Because of sin we are all condemned already; Jesus took that condemnation on Himself for all who believe; that means that unbelief is the sin that keeps a person Hellbound.

He is merciful and gentle, ready to receive the miserable and poor that flee to His mercy and put their trust in Him; prepared to spare and pardon, if any ask a favor of Him; willing to succor and give aid, if any, ask for his help; willing to save any who put all their trust in Him and cleave to Him.                                 – John Calvin, 1536

Paul had received exceeding grace                                                               V. 14-15

Christ is the great Savior who can save – we are the great sinners who need saving. 

Gospel Math: I was a zero before Christ saved me; in Jesus I’m a 10. If you could take Jesus away, you’d have nothing all over again. But thanks be to God, you can’t take Jesus away. Christ esteem helps me feel and act like a 10!

Paul knew God was using his story for God’s glory                                     V. 16-17