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God and Theology    2 Timothy 3:1-4:8

First message in a 12 sermon series: Having a Biblical Worldview.

Everyone has a Worldview – the way they view the world. People view the world through the various beliefs and philosophies they have subconsciously __________________; their outward behaviors can be traced to these inner beliefs.

The consequences of believing wrong ideas is _______________ behavior                                                                                3:1-9

If I had to give one overall characteristic of these non-Christian “Christians” who Paul writes about, it would be that they don’t ________________ God.  

More consequences of believing wrong ideas                       4:3-4

The true Christian is _________________________ to the Bible – no matter what!                                                                         3:10-14

A believer’s __________________is in the Bible               3:15-17

The Bible is _________: it is the perfect Word of God to save sinners!

The Bible is ___________: the perfect Word of God to instruct saints!  

I have written 2 articles to help you have confidence in the Bible. They are at our website, The first is “Why you can completely trust the text of your Bible.” The second is “Eight things to Love about the Bible.”

The Bible is the ______________ of our beliefs and behaviors.

The Bible is true and is the authority for my beliefs and behaviors –  I won’t compartmentalize my faith.

A believer’s _______________: stick with the Bible         4:1-8