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Staying the Course amidst Satan’s Siren Songs           James 3:13-18


Satan doesn’t come dressed in the red suit with the pitchfork; he comes as an angel of light. Like the sirens he sings beautifully: “Come Away and Lose Your Soul.”


For the human, what comes out of the mouth is just a reflection of what’s in the head and heart, which direction the wheel is going based on whether it’s destination is Heaven or Hell!


True wisdom is seen in our conduct                                                                                         V. 13


Wisdom (Sophia)- For the Greeks, this meant philosophy, speculative knowledge; For Jews it meant skillfully applying knowledge to everyday life.


If we have wisdom from above, it will show itself by staying on God’s course;

But if we have wisdom from below, it will show itself in selfish decisions.


Marks of a person who is off course                                                                                        V. 14-16


They are demonstrating bitter envy or jealousy         


 They are self-seeking


They are caught up in boasting


Pastor James calls this what it is at the end of verse 14 – lying against the truth. What have any of us done that God didn’t enable us to do? Nothing!


James sums up man’s wisdom with three statements:

               Earthly: Acts like this life is all there is

               Natural: Absorbed in doing what feels right

               Demonic: Energized by the evil one


Being off course spiritually leads to confusion and practicing evil things.


The church’s compass points to our True North!                                                                    V. 17-18


God’s conduct is seen in being a person broken and bridled by the Holy Spirit.


Qualities of a Christian who is staying on course -


Moral purity


Calming presence


Gentleness with others     


Willingness to yield


Full of mercy


Full of good fruits