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This sermon was preached during our March 21, 2021 Sunday Service.

The Christian’s Goal

The One Another commands are to the Christian as the language of music is to the musician; keeping the One Another commands binds the hearts of those who are “walking in the light” of God’s Word together!

The command for Christians to love one another is by far the most used ‘One Another’ command, occurring a dozen time!

The ultimate expression of love!                                                         V. 16a


When Jesus died for sinners he was doing something for us we could not do for ourselves. That’s our standard as we love others!

Laying down your life is not just dying for another but laying aside your time, your resources, and your rights to meet the needs of another!

The Christian’s goal: love one another like Jesus loved us!                     V. 16b

“Now the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith.”                      -I Timothy 1:5

Here we see that to love as Jesus loved is to lay down our time and our resources and our rights, and serve others!

Words alone won’t do: Prove you’ve got God’s love by actions!          V. 17-18

But sometimes people have made big mistakes and simply can’t find the way out. And it’s here where love can make all the difference!

If a Christian sees a need that his brother has and has the resources to meet it, but fails to do so, is that evidence he really has experienced the love of God? 

If a hidden camera were to follow you around for an entire day, would it capture love in action?

Three Benefits of Loving One Another…


1.        A Greater Sense of Assurance                                       V. 19-20

2.        A Greater Sense of Answered Prayer                          V. 21-22

When you start to truly love others, you spend more time with them. And over time you learn to speak less and listen to them at the heart level more.  You are growing closer to God and to them, and so you pray more for them, more with them, and in a more God focused way for them!

3.        A Greater Sense of the Abiding Presence                  V. 23-24

I love how these last two verses teach us that obeying God’s commands is as easy as practicing the Two John 3:16’s!

JOY: Jesus, Others, You!



Say thank you to somebody who has stood by you with the love of Jesus!