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It begins with us                    I Peter 4:12-19

4 attitudes to have to be triumphant in persecution (MacArthur):

Expect it (v. 12)

Exult (rejoice) in it (V. 13-14)


Evaluate its cause (V. 15-18)

If we suffer for ________________ reasons, we should be ashamed         V. 15

If we suffer as a __________________, we should not be ashamed           V. 16

Christians are to spend the bulk of their time in self-_____________        V. 17-18

Entrust it to God (V. 19)

Suffering in I Peter

Christ’s sufferings led to the glorious redemption of all who will believe

1:11; 3:18; 5:1

Believers should not be surprised by suffering        


Suffering reveals who the genuine believers are     


Suffering is temporary compared to the eternal glory that awaits believers

                1:3-7; 5:10

Believers who suffer for the right reasons will be rewarded by God 

                2:20; 3:14, 17; 4:13, 19

Any unjust suffering believers experience will be avenged by God   


Believers should avoid suffering for sinful reasons


Christ’s godly response amidst His suffering is our example amidst ours

                2:21; 4:1

Suffering is an opportunity to glorify God                


Suffering is an opportunity to witness for Christ    


Believers aren’t alone in their suffering; other Christians worldwide understand