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Remaining diligent until Jesus comes!        2 Peter 3:10-18

Be diligent because of the coming ________________      V. 10-11

The Day of the Lord includes many things associated with the end times that will come after the rapture (called the Day of Christ in Philippians 1:6).

Rev. 6:14         Rev. 20:11

Total destruction awaits _______________ that is useless and godless.

The key word here is ___________________

Be diligent because of what you can look __________ to  V. 12-14

The Day of God refers to the time ___________ the Day of the Lord – the New Heavens and the New Earth!

Isaiah 65:17-25          

Isaiah 66:22                            

Psalm 102:25-28        

Rev 21-22

The key word here is ___________________

Can we do things to hasten the coming of the Day of God?

Acts 1:6-8                    Matthew 24:14                        Acts 3:19-20

Be diligent because of God’s patience and kindness         V. 15-16

Romans 2:4                 I John 1:9

The key word here is __________________.