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 The Age of Innocence

For each dispensational age we will see:

The name of the age; Scriptures covered; Synopsis; Time Period covered; Privileges/ characteristics; New Responsibility; Failure; Judgment; What ended when that age ended; Carry-over to next age(s):


Name of Age:

The Age of Innocence


Scriptures covered:

Genesis __________________



The Age of innocence was from Creation to the Fall of Man (Gen. 1-3). Adam & Eve had the privilege of daily walks with God on a perfect earth. Their 1-man/ 1-woman marriage showed God’s pattern. Their descendants were to fill the earth. They were to work 6 days a week, responsibly governing the earth’s resources, and then rest 1 day. When they sinned, judgment came and the age ended. God covered their sin and gave the 1st prophecy of the coming _____________________________.   


Time Period covered:

Creation to the Fall of man

Probably less time than it took for Eve to get ____________________________!

Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned.          -Romans 5:12


Privileges/ characteristics:

Daily walks with God!

Life in a perfect __________________________!


New Responsibility:

Be fruitful and multiply in marriage and childrearing, filling the earth

Be ______________________________ of the earth’s resources

Don’t eat of 1 tree, the tree of the knowledge of evil



They ate from the forbidden tree



Sin and death enter the world

Mankind now under _____________________________’s dominion (Ephesians 2)


What ended when that age ended:

Life on earth without sin’s consequences

Life with ________________________ bodies and minds


Carry-over to next age(s):

God’s blueprint for gender, marriage, and sexuality

The seventh day rest ________________________

Mankind is to responsibly steward the world’s ecological resources

The Messiah will eventually crush Satan


Look at specific verses: