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The Age of Conscience:

Scriptures covered:

Genesis 4-8


The Age of Conscience was from the Fall of Man until the Flood, which happened around 2400 BC (Gen. 4-8). Man’s sin nature affected everything (Rom.  8:22), causing great difficulty in human relationships and work. People tried to justify their sinful actions, but their conscience bore witness to their ________________. Some called on the name of the Lord and walked with God. The evil age ended with a global flood. But God graciously provided a means of salvation via Noah’s ark.   

Time Period covered:                  

4000 BC to 2400 BC

The Flood happened _________________1656 years after Adam was created.

Privileges/ characteristics:

Long life ______________________

Man’s sin nature affected everything

People tried to ________________________ their sinful actions

New Responsibilities:

Bring _______________________ sacrifices

Call on the name of the Lord

Walk with God


First ___________________


Great wickedness


The Worldwide Flood of Noah’s day

Some demons confined to Tartarus

What ended when that age ended:

No more incredibly long life spans before death

All people and animals being ________________________

Carry-over to next age(s):

The rainbow as a sign of God’s mercy (no more universal floods) 

The _______________________ will remain in continuous cycle

The Ark as a symbol of hope for mankind – “In Christ”

Man:                                       Year Born:      Dad at Age:     Earth Year:      Death Age:      Year:

Adam (man)                            0                      130                  130                  930                  930

Seth (appointed)                     130                  105                  235                  912                  1042

Enosh (mortal)                        235                  90                    325                  905                  1140

Cainan (sorrow)                      325                  70                    395                  910                  1235

Mahalalel (the blessed God)   395                  65                    460                  895                  1290

Jarod (shall come down)         460                  162                  622                  962                  1422

Enoch (teaching)                     622                  65                    687                  365*                987*

Meth. (his death shall bring)  687                  187                  874                  969                  1656

Lamech** (the despairing)     874                  182                  1056                777                  1651

Noah (comfort)                       1056                                                                950                  2006

* = See Genesis 5:24!

** = First Lamech through Cain’s line; this Lamech through Seth’s line

Interesting look at the names of the first 10 generations of men:

Man appointed mortal (with) sorrow, (but) the Blessed God shall come down, teaching; His death shall bring the despairing comfort.