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The Age of Law

Scriptures covered:

Exodus 19 – Acts 1


The Age of Law (Exodus 19 – Acts 1) began with the giving of the Law to Moses and lasted until AD 33 when Jesus completed His atoning work for sinners and returned to Heaven. This was a ___________________ covenant with Israel that stated there would be blessing for obedience and curses for disobedience. The Law revealed God’s character, expectations, and provision for forgiveness. Israel’s failure showed the need for the Messiah to come and provide redemption.

Time Period covered:

1445 BC – AD 33

Davidic Covenant is given around __________________ BC (2 Samuel 7)

Privileges/ characteristics:

Mosaic Law/ Covenant, with its 3 parts

Blessings for obedience/ curses for disobedience

Tabernacle and later _______________________ to worship God

Conquest of the Land promised to Abraham’s descendants

Cycle of sin & redemption in the days of the ______________________  

Davidic Covenant

________________________ Kingdom


New Responsibility:

Obey the terms and ____________________ of the Mosaic Covenant/ Law

Model God’s holiness and love to the nations

Be ready to ______________________ the Messiah when He comes


Disobedience to the Mosaic Law

Rampant ______________________, starting with the golden calf incident 

Insistence on having a human king

National ______________________________ of Christ at His first coming


Cyclical loss of God’s ____________________ during the sinful days of the judges

Divided kingdom

Assyrian captivity for the Northern Tribes; Babylonian captivity for the Southern

___________________________ of the first Temple by Nebuchadnezzar 

Time of the Gentiles begins (Israel under foreign occupation & influence)

___________________ of Christ’s physical rule due to rejection at His first coming

Destruction of Temple in AD 70

What ended when that age ended:

Necessity of the priestly law – fulfilled by Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:17)

Binding nature of the civil law – (Galatians 3:24-25)

Carry-over to next age(s):

The _______________________ Law

Abrahamic Covenant promises not yet fulfilled will be one day

Davidic Covenant promises not yet fulfilled will be one day

Look at specific verses: