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Every Christian Testifies Now                     Acts 2:1-21

Acts chapter 2 is one of the key chapters in the Bible. It records the fulfillment of the words of the Jesus and the Old Testament prophets about the beginning of the _________   ________________, when God the Holy Spirit will indwell believers!

The Appointed Day ___________________                                            V. 1


And then _________ came!                                                                        V. 2-4


The Difference between the baptism of the Spirit and the Filling of the Spirit:

Baptism of the Spirit happens ______________ when a person is born again: God the Holy Spirit takes up residence inside them!

See John 7:38-39               See I Corinthians 12:13                    See Eph. 1:13-14

The Filling of the Spirit is something that can take place more than once as a believer lives out their faith. A Christian can grieve the Holy Spirit as they make _____________ decisions and not live in the power He came to provide.

See Luke 11:13                  See Ephesians 5:18           

The key to being filled with the Holy Spirit is to __________________ yourself of the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life.

A person filled with the Holy Spirit will bear the fruit of the Spirit. -Gal. 5:22-25


And then THEY ______________!                                                          V. 5-13


Every Christian Testifies Now                                                                  V. 14-21

A person filled with the Holy Spirit will ____________________ about Jesus!

The Day of the Lord’s Judgment is still coming, but EVERYONE who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved!