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Joy Bringers                Acts 8:1-8

Sandy Creek, NC in 1755 – Shubal & Martha Stearns & Daniel Marshall

If last time we saw that Stephen was the church’s first martyr, today we’ll see that Philip represented the church’s first cross-cultural _________________________!

8:1 is the first use of the word _______________________ in Acts.

The early Christians kept going out for Jesus instead of ___________ out                                                                                    V. 4

What a magnificent picture of dedicated believers. Picture them as they run for their lives, grasping what few possessions they could take with them when the persecution broke out. See them praying for deliverance but also for courage to be faithful to their Savior and to proclaim his message effectively wherever they went.  -Ken Gangel

Philip can also do what Peter can do!                                  V. 5-7

As an outcast “Hellenistic Jewish Christian” Philip ministers to outcast Samaritans- and they receive his ministry gladly. What a ___________ to the reception Stephen had just gotten in Jerusalem.

Philip brings great __________________ to Samaria          V. 8

The people of Samaria who heard the gospel and believed were delivered from physical affliction, demonic control, and most important, from their sins. No wonder there was great joy!                                                                    -Warren Wiersbe, 348

Application Question: ______________________________________

Benjamin Merrill – executed in Hillsboro, NC on May 27, 1771.

Timeline of Events in the Life of Paul

Spring 33 AD               Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension, Pentecost

October 34                  Saul’s conversion

34-37                           Paul in Arabia

37                                Paul’s first visit to Jerusalem

37-40                           Paul in Tarsus

40                                Barnabas gets Paul and brings him to Antioch

44                                James the Apostle martyred

44-47                           Famine in Jerusalem

47-49                           Paul’s first missionary journey

50                                Jerusalem Council

49-52                           Paul’s second missionary journey

53-57                           Paul’s third missionary journey

57                                Paul’s arrest in Jerusalem

58-59                           Paul’s imprisonment at Caesarea

59                                Paul’s journey to Rome

60-62                           Paul’s house arrest in Rome

67                                Paul’s martyrdom