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The Upper Room Discourse       John 13:31 – 16:33


Put the correct letter from the answer key next to the statement:

What is the new command that Jesus gave to His disciples?                    __________

What is Jesus preparing for disciples in His Father’s house?                     __________

Jesus told us He is the way, the truth and the what?                                  __________

If you have seen Jesus, who else have you seen?                                         __________

What kind of works will believers be able to do?                                         __________

According to Jesus, who indwells believers now?                                        __________

According to Jesus, if you love Him you will keep what?                            __________

What fruit of the Spirit does Jesus promise to leave us?                            __________

According to Jesus, what is the key to bearing much fruit?                       __________

What glorifies the Father?                                                                                  __________

What fruit of the Spirit did Jesus want us to be full of?                              __________

How does greater love express itself?                                                              __________

Jesus goes beyond calling us servants to calling us what?                         __________

What can disciples expect from the world that hates Jesus?                    __________

What can disciples expect from a world that persecuted Jesus?             __________

Why is it to our advantage that Jesus went away to Heaven?                  __________

Why does the Holy Spirit convict the world of sin?                                      __________

What does the Holy Spirit do for believers?                                                   __________

How are we to present our prayers to God now?                                        __________

What will believers experience in this world?                                               __________

Why can believers be of good cheer in the midst of tribulation?             __________

Answer Key:

A.        Abiding in Jesus

B.        Bearing much fruit

C.        Because they do not believe in Jesus, the way to be saved from sin

D.        The Father

E.         Friends

F.         Greater works

G.        Guides us into all truth

H.        Hate

I.          So that the Helper (Holy Spirit) could come to us

J.         Jesus has overcome the world

K.        Joy

L.         Laying down our life for our friends

M.       Life

N.        Love one another as Jesus has loved us

O.        In the name of Jesus

P.        Peace

Q.        Persecution

R.        A place for us to dwell

S.         The Spirit of Truth

T.         Tribulation

U.        His word/ Commands