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Faithful and Fruitful

The Mission of the Tabernacle is to Reproduce Faithful and Fruitful Followers of Jesus Christ.

What do the following people in the Bible have in common?

Abraham, Amariah, Antipas, the Colossian church, The Creator, Daniel, David, Eden, God, Epaphras, the Ephesian church, Hanan, Hanani, Hananiah, Jeshua, Jesus, Lydia, Miniamin, Moses, Onesimus, Paul, Pedaiah, Sarah, Shecaniah, Shelemiah, Shemaiah, Silvanus, Timothy, Tychicus, Uriah, Zadok, and Zechariah?

Every one of those people are called faithful in the Bible.

T          -           Teaching of Scripture

A         -           Adoration and Prayer

B         -           Baptist Principles

E          -           Evangelism and Missions

R         -           Radical Generosity

N         -           Nurtured Partnerships

A         -           Age Appropriate Ministries

C          -           Congregational Love and Encouragement

L          -           Leadership Development

E          -           Excellence and Fun

“Find something around here and put your name on it.”    -Lamar Mooneyham

We Reach People…

We reach people through preaching the Word.

We reach people through music ministry.

We reach people through teaching in small groups.

We reach people in the youngest generation.

We reach people in the adult generations.

We reach people in our city and surrounding counties.

We reach people in Virginia and North Carolina.

We reach people in the rest of North America.

We reach people throughout the world.

We reach people through education.

We reach people through meeting pressing needs.

We reach people through pro-life, pro-flourishing, pro-family initiatives.

We reach people through helping Jewish people and the persecuted church.

We reach people through being good stewards of what the Lord has entrusted to us.