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Bless your momma!

Read Proverbs 30:11-17             Bless your momma                       Let’s Pray!

Signs of a generation that does not bless its momma:

1. They curse their mom and dad                                                                     V. 11

2. They do what’s right in their own eyes instead of God’s                     V. 12-13

3. They are self-centered and take from others without giving             V. 14-16

4. They are the ones who are cursed until they change                           V. 17

The main ways the Bible calls for us to bless our mommas:

1. Honor/ revere your momma

Honor involves two things:

  1. Honoring the position even when you struggle to honor the person
  2. Honoring everything you can about the person

2. Obey your momma in the Lord and learn from them

If your mom does not love the Lord and insists you do sinful things, obey the Lord instead of doing that sinful thing.

3. Take care of your mom when she is older

Gary Chapman’s 5 love languages are:

Words of Affirmation: Praise, appreciation or words of affection are used to express love

-Acts of Service: Love and affection are expressed through actions rather than words

-Receiving Gifts: Giving and receiving tokens of affection are symbolic of love

-Physical Touch: Physical touch and intimacy are ways of expressing love

-Quality Time: Love is conveyed by spending quality time together and undivided affection