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The Manifest Destiny of the Gospel               Acts 10:43-11:18

This is part two of a two part message about the gospel going beyond those from a Jewish background to Gentiles.


The Gentile’s “Day of ____________________” Arrives!          Acts 10:43-48

The wonderful message of the gospel: ________________ for believers-

The moving and ____________________ of the Holy Spirit-

In Him also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation- in Him when you believed- were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit.          -Eph. 1:13

Narrative literature like Acts tells us what happened, but doctrinal passages like the apostles letters give us God’s ________________ word about matters of belief and practice.

So why do we see this “Gentile Pentecost” here in Acts 10?

Probably to demolish the ___________ that was about to be displayed by Jewish believers unwilling to fully accept Gentile converts!

                _________________ baptism follows spiritual baptism!          


Peter’s “Day of _________________________” Arrives (And God’s vindication)                                                                                                                Acts 11:1-18        

Peter responds with patience and ___________, without backing down from clear biblical revelation!

When you are having conflicts with others about cultural preferences, it is good to _________________ and share the words of the Lord!


When getting my way on cultural preferences would hinder the work of God in the life of another, may my response always be to ________________ to God.