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Eternal Triumph in Days of Trouble              Acts 12

Providence is the foreseeing _______________ of God over all things.

Four reinforced guardrails for today’s message:

Job 5:7                   Psalm 139:16                       John 16:33                            Acts 13:36

James the Apostle _________________ well and goes to Heaven                                                                                                 12:1-3a

When things happen that we don’t understand, we have to remember the things we do understand, the things we got ________________ before the storm came…

Peter the Apostle is delivered for more _____________ on earth                                                                                                 12:3b-16

We could have a lot of fun with Peter thinking all of this was a dream! But the bottom line is that in the midst of this persecution Peter had God’s _________________ instead of man’s panic.

James the Elder is raised up as the Faith ________________ On!                                                                                                  12:17

It is evident the transition has now occurred from the apostles leading the Jerusalem church as a team with Peter being the first among equals, to elders leading the church at Jerusalem as a team with James being the _________________.

God deals with His _______________ in the fullness of time                                                                                                         12:18-25

I hope you are careful to give God the glory! Everything you are and have is a ______________ from God. Give him the glory!