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Experiencing God in the Life of the Early Church     Acts 13:1-3

2,000 years ago the church at Antioch was experiencing God as individuals and as a church. God invited them to join Him in the next _______________ of His Acts 1:8 vision. They obeyed, and God used them to extend His Kingdom on earth.

D___________________ kinds of people come together in church leadership                                                                             V. 1


The early church and its leaders had the same priority: _______________                                                                      V. 2-3

It is a sign of the sickness of the American church that fervent prayer as individuals and in small groups and as the entire church is not emphasized. Far too often we depend on our own thinking and resources rather than the Holy Spirit. If we’re going to experience God that has to ___________________!

Fasting is not only for super-Christians: it is the practice of cutting ourselves off from our physical drive for food for a time in order to _____________________ our spiritual drive to know God and His purposes for our lives.   

We can draw a conclusion from this: whatever other ministries God calls a Christian to, intercessory prayer is to be one of their _________________ priorities. 


A Direct result of the prayer life of the church in Antioch was clear guidance from God. That kind of guidance is ____________________ to us today as well!

7 Truths From Experiencing God

1.         God is always at _______________ around you.


2.         God pursues a love ______________ with you that is real and personal.


3.         God invites you to _______________ Him in what He is doing.


4.         God ______________ to you to reveal Himself, His purposes, and His ways.         

He speaks through:     The Holy ______________

                                                The B_______________



                                                Other B________________


5.         God’s initiative in your life will lead to a ______________ of belief.


6.         To join God in what He is doing you must make ________________.

7.         As you trust and obey God you can and will _______________ more of Him and His ways in your life.

-Adapted from “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby.