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Heaven on Earth!

Read Revelation 21:1-22:5                     Heaven on Earth                Let’s Pray!

5 truths about the Believer’s future home:


1.        Everything Will Be New There!                                                            21:1-2

Don’t forget the Bible speaks of three ‘heavens.’ The first is the sky; the second is space; the third is where God’s throne is beyond space.

In the place of the first earth, sky and space will be a new earth, sky, and space, and the New Jerusalem will come down out of the third heaven and be the center of the New Universe! 

I believe the place Jesus speaks of preparing for us in John 14 is the New Jerusalem, which one day will be for us “Heaven on Earth!”

2.        There will be Indescribable Beauty there!                           

In God’s perfect way the city will bring together the Old Testament saints of Israel with the saints that have come since the time of the New Testament.

Could it be that when saints die now they have the privilege of working with Jesus on getting the New Jerusalem ready? 

3.        There will be Wondrous and Fulfilling Activity there!                  

Here we see the New Earth presented as a city brimming with physical activity! Can’t you see yourself there in a glorified body – taking walks, enjoying the outdoors, playing sports, laughing and painting, playing instruments and singing, engaged in creative and meaningful work, visiting museums, learning how radio waves and quantum physics and other things really work, with Father, Son and Holy Spirit being worshipped in all you do?                     

4.        The Comforting Absence of what won’t be there!

On the new Earth we’ll have constant access to the Tree of Life, and if it is ever needed, partaking of the leaves there will heal whatever needs healing!

Thank God that when we get to the New Earth there will be no more curse! 

5.        The traits of those that won’t be there                                 

First, they had cowardice instead of courage

Second, they had Unbelief, not Belief

Finally, they continued in their sin, refusing to Repent

A true Christian has repented and agrees with God’s definition of sin; they take steps to turn from every sin, even if they struggle the rest of their life. Non- Christians do not repent, beginning with refusing to agree with God’s definition of sin. By definition they are not forgiven.