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An earthly father teaches us to bless the Heavenly Father

Read 1 Chronicles 29:9-21

David models a public blessing of our perfect Heavenly Father V. 10-13

The main Hebrew Old Testament word for bless is Barak (H1288), occurring 330 times. It can also be translated praise, thank, kneel, adore, salute. Intriguingly, the majority of its occurrences revolve around David, Abraham, and Moses.

The main Greek New Testament word for bless is Eulogeo (G2127), occurring 44 times. It can also be translated praise, speak good words over, make glad, cause to prosper. We get our word Eulogy from it.

To bless another is to speak good words over them and about them, to praise & thank them; it is to make them glad, & do your part to set them up for success.

About half of the Psalms were by David, and half by others. The next time you read through the Psalms note that David, far more than the other Psalmists, prays directly to God rather than just make statements about God!

David models being a prototype earthly father V. 14-18

As part of repentance, David stood on the promises of God about God responding to true confession of sin with forgiveness and restoration. He also claimed the Bible’s promise – that true faith equals right standing with God.

I love what happens after David’s life – every king after David was evaluated on two things: whether their hearts were fixed on God like David’s had been, and whether they had used their authority to deal with faith destroying idols.

Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ. -1 Corinthians 11:1

David modeled for us blessing our own children and others V. 19-20

Let your children see that your past sin doesn’t define you – your future with God does!