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The Choice That Must Be Made!

Some of you here this morning may be afflicted with something called L.T.S. - L.T.S. stands for "Last Texter Syndrome!"
What do we find in this the last passage of both Revelation and the Bible?

A final appeal from God to walk through the door of salvation that has swung open widely for mankind, a final appeal to make the choice that must be made!  

Read Revelation 22:6-21        The Choice That Must Be Made        Let's Pray!
Our passage today is like the grand finale of a fireworks show, citing 8 names of Jesus Christ in 16 verses!
The three purposes of the Tribulation:
1. Judge the Satanic World System that has ruined earth
2. Re-gather a spiritual Israel ready for Christ to reign
3. Give everyone on earth several last chances to repent before Jesus returns
The Last three things the Bible impresses on us:
First and Foremost, it's all about Jesus!
If Root reinforces He is 100% divine, Offspring reinforces that he is 100% human. Jesus is the one uniquely qualified to bring God and man together!  
Our problem is we make stars of people that are bound for the Lake of Fire.
Revelation has taught us there's only room for one superstar in the Christian's life, Jesus, the Bright Morning Star!
Secondly, we are partners with all believers who have gone before and come after us!
Do you see it there in verse nine? It says we are fellow slaves with those who have gone before if we keep the words of this book! We are their partners, extending the kingdom of God in our generation as they did in theirs!
Together we all worship God, and together we are partners making our unique contributions to advancing Jesus' Kingdom!
Lastly, one more time the appeal goes out to sinners to come to Jesus before it's too late!
The Bible is one appeal to sinners after another from a loving God to choose the eternal life made possible only through Jesus Christ!
When Revelation uses this word quickly, two things are intended.
First, when the events described in Revelation begin to happen they will unfold in rapid succession.
Second, the events in Revelation are imminent, they "loom over" everything currently going on!
The church now is too often lethargic and acting with a peace-time mentality rather than going through the open doors the Holy Spirit puts before us!
The end of the Bible pictures John & true believers in a spiritual battle, saving everyone we can on the battlefield before Jesus comes and airlifts us out!