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The Inviting Disciple

Read John 1:35-51 ESV                The Inviting Disciple                    Let’s Pray!

John the Baptist points his students to Jesus                                              V. 35-39

He (Jesus) must increase, but I must decrease.      -John 3:30

I love that Jesus doesn’t rebuke them for not even knowing how to respond properly to Him – He just says, probably with a big grin, “Come and see!”

Andrew brings his brother to Jesus                                                                 V. 40-42

100% of the people you don’t invite to church won’t get here because of you. They might wind up here for some other reason, but not because of you.

Jesus saw Peter and saw not what he had been, but what He would become through faith in Jesus. The same is true for every new disciple (see Rev. 2:17).

Jesus personally brings Philip to Himself                                                      V. 43

Jesus will never ask us to do anything He didn’t personally model for us.

Philip brings his friend to Jesus                                                            V. 44-51

And that brings me to you – Who’s your one you hope to bring to Jesus?

Our goal on August 28th is to have at least 100 of you INVITE someone to church and Sunday School that day – and have at least 10 classes have guests that day.

Here are some stats to help process our nation’s spiritual need:

53% of Americans are not members of any house of worship; 70% of unchurched Americans say no one has ever shared the gospel with them; But 57% of Americans think at least monthly about how to find meaning & purpose.

“The old man’s face was transformed, alight, radiant. He sat up eagerly with outstretched arms and a beautiful smile on his face, as though welcoming his best of friends, and with that he was gone to that land of pure delight where saints immortal reign.”