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Open Hearts and Ousted Demons                Acts 16:11-24

Our Theme as we have gone through the Book of Acts has been – “God’s extraordinary power working through ordinary people!”

The conversion of an “_______ and Out” woman               V. 11-15

Not only was she successful and not born again yet, she was _______________________ and not born again yet!

So whose the first person Paul leads to Christ in Macedonia?

A woman from _______  __________, where he had wanted to go!

Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart!                                                     -Psalm 37:4

The conversion of a “________ and Out” woman               V. 16-24

If people are profiting off of your ____________________ condition, in a sense you are owned by them, and ultimately, Satan!

Love is our greatest motivation, but sometimes we have to simply _____________ God first, do what we’re called to do, and remember how much we love reaching out to others as we are ministering! 

Perhaps because Paul had already experienced persecution, he may have been a little reluctant to go there. Oh wait, that’s too often how WE ARE! But when we worry about the ramifications of sharing the gospel in a secular context, we need to remember what’s at stake for those oppressed by Satan. Paul often took a ___________________ whipping to secure an eternal soul!




“Mrs. Turner, the wife of the Agent, and her sister Mrs. Hackley were half Indian and helped the McCoys greatly in contacting the local Miamis. It was not long before Mrs. Turner became convicted of her sin and professed faith in Christ. Apparently she had longed for the gospel to enter her heart and life but had thought that as she was an Indian, she was ineligible to be loved by God. Dr. Turner, however, had scruples about his wife being baptized but gave them up after several months. Meanwhile, Mrs. Hackley professed conversion and asked to be baptized. This was arranged for June 18th. At 10 AM on that day, McCoy gathered his family, workers, and pupils, besides the newly converted and their families, on the banks of the Maumee River and preached on the subject of baptism. A number of whites and Indians not directly connected with the missionary base attended the meeting. At the river side, all sung a hymn McCoy had written for the occasion.”                                             -Isaac McCoy, Apostle of the Western Trail, p 86-87



Glad Tidings, so the angels sung, Until the heavens with gladness rung;

Glad tidings late my soul replied, for me my Lord was crucified.


“The news shall spread through all the earth.” So sang the host at Jesus’ birth.

Ye gentle waves, I call on you to say, is not the promise true?


This very stream was lately stained With blood from strangling soldiers drained;*

Now, strange to tell, the Prince of Peace in it displays His sovereign grace.


Ye oaks, which shook while cannons roar’d,

now bow your heads and praise the Lord;

Tell the wild man beneath your shade why Christ in Jordan’s stream was laid.


Those warlike towers on yonder wall,** like those of Jericho, must fall,

While deathful weapons dormant lie – shout, saints, the Ark is passing by.


Ye winds, which spread the news of death, no longer breathe offensive breath;

But the glad tidings loud proclaim, “Here saints rejoice in Jesus’ name.”


Sure all who hear will join and sing, Glory to God, our Christ is King.

Still let the Gospel spread abroad, Till all the world shall worship God.

-Isaac McCoy, 1820


*In a former battle near Fort Wayne, the corpses were so numerous that they damned the river;  **The fortifications around Fort Wayne