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Psalm 2 Worksheet

Anointed One is _______________ in Hebrew and _______________ in Greek. 

So this is the first of the _____________________________ Psalms.  

Psalm Two’s 12 verses can be divided into four sections of three verses each.

The Actions of Earthly ______________        V. 1-3

The Actions of God the ______________        V. 4-6

The Commands to the _______________        V. 7-9

The Commands to Earthly ___________        V. 10-12
-Bob Alden

Note the structure involves ________________ around actions and commands:

The structure also involves ____________________ like Psalm 1 did:


V. 1-3

Interestingly, it is the _______________ Hebrew word that lies behind the word meditate from Psalm 1:2

The godly man uses His energy to delight in God’s Word, but the ungodly use their energy to plot against God’s rule. 

Romans 8:5-8    Romans 5:8 

V. 4-6

God laughs at the _______________________ of human actions.

Some call this not a Messianic Psalm but a royal Psalm, and make it just about the commissioning of a king like David. 

But that completely overlooks the presentation in the following verses of a ________________ rule and a coming day of _______________________! 

Clearly the New Testament ___________________ saw this as a Messianic Psalm referring to Jesus Christ! 

V. 7-9

Verses 7-9 feature the Son recounting what the Father has ___________ Him.

In Acts 13:33 Paul related this to when Jesus _______________ from the dead. 

By the way, when Paul quotes it comes from the Second Psalm, which is the only numbered reference in the New Testament to an Old Testament passage.

Hebrews 1:5 and 5:5 contain the same quotation. 

The rebellious nations of verse one become the ________________ of the Son!

OF course this is a __________________ truth as well as a messianic truth. 

V. 10-12

These verses contain _________________ commands to the leaders of nations, commands that apply as much to the leaders of the USA as any other nation:

Be ______________
Be ______________
Serve the Lord with reverential _______________
Rejoice with _____________________
_______________ the Son

Psalm 2 ends with the same line of thought that began Psalm 1, 
perhaps _____________________________ the thought between 
the individual who is blessed and the way for a nation to be blessed!