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A Preacher’s Ideal Audience!            Acts 17:10-15

5 Characteristics of a Preacher’s Ideal Audience:

1.         Open _______________                                            V. 11

2.         Warm ______________                                             V. 11

3.         Eagerness to ____________________                      V. 11

4.         Commitment to ________________ what they have heard is Biblical                                                                              V. 11

Like a lot of religious people the Thessalonians chose their religious _________________ over the Bible. Later the Athenians are going to choose their philosophical beliefs over the Bible. But the Bible was the Berean’s ______________________! 

5.         A Will to __________________ on the Truth they have heard                                                                                           V. 12

Here’s an acronym for BEREANS for you –








“When the child of God

looks into the Word of God

and sees the Son of God,

he or she is transformed

by the Spirit of God

into the image of God

for the Glory of God!”

-Warren Wiersbe