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Jesus Christ is Lord of His Blood-Bought Church 

Today we will see that the Founder and Owner of the Big ‘C’ Church is Jesus Christ. We will also see that all little ‘c’ churches like the one in Colossae are called to continue to be what our Founder expects us to be! 

Read Colossians 1:18-23
Jesus Christ is Lord of His blood-bought Church!  Let’s Pray!

In the New Testament letters, which covers the Book of Romans through the letter to Jude, often the passages interlink with each other like a links in a chain. 

Jesus Christ is Lord of His Church       V. 18

For a human body to be functional every member must respond to instructions from its brain, its head. For the church body to be functional we must remember who our leader is – Jesus! 

The Big ‘C’ Church will never stop existing, and the members of it will one day live on the new earth with new bodies forever.

But little ‘c’ churches can and do cease to exist. That’s why when Jesus spoke to another church from Asia Minor, the Ephesian church that Jesus spoke to in Rev. Ch. 2, He told them if they didn’t repent He would remove their lampstand. Jesus always needs to have first place in His Church and churches. 

Jesus Christ is the Reconciler of All and the Redeemer of His Church              V. 19-22

It is finished! -John 19:30  Tetelestai!

Here Paul in verse 22 says the consequence of being in Christ and possessing His righteousness is that in God’s eyes Christians are as holy, blameless, and above reproach as Jesus Christ Himself is! 

He is telling us here what is true of every member of the Big C church and is expected of every member of the little ‘c’ churches like the one in Colossae. It is understood that true Christians will “continue in the faith” and preach Jesus.  

Perseverance in believing is one of the fruits of the new birth experience (initiated by God) we obtain when “by grace we are saved through faith.” Progress in Christian behavior is also fruit – not perfection yet, but progress. We continue to make progress now, however imperfect, toward the positional perfection we already have in Christ and can never lose.