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Psalm Chapter 5 Worksheet

This Psalm speaks of talking to God at daybreak in verse three, making it a good psalm for the _______________________ time!

There is a back and forth contrast between the person who is seeking God and the __________ person who does not. 

David ______________________ God to act!                        V. 1-2

Sometimes we sigh or groan because even though we are thinking hard about something, and praying a lot about it, we just don’t ____________________ 
and we really don’t know what to do or even how to pray.    Romans 8:26

David prayed at _____________________________!                    V. 3

David reminds God what He _____________________!                     V. 4-6

Verse 6 is another instance of the one praying reminding God of His ____________________ 

David’s delight in going to God’s ______________________!                  V. 7
Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

David shows that real men ask for ________________________!              V. 8

David’s not done _______________________ about the wicked!                  V. 9-10

David had probably been the victim of a lot of _____________________ abuse.

David took that stuff to the Lord, so he could hold his head high and act with a king’s dignity out in _____________________.

Most of us respond to criticism in one of three ways: 

It seems like a contradiction to us, but in scripture it is not, it is one of the Bible’s paradoxes: We pray _________________ for the wicked to reap what they sow and for God to save them the way He saved us!  

David _________________ his day to the Lord!                     V. 11-12

Genesis 18:25