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Psalm Chapter 6 Worksheet

The word Sheminith is related to the word for _______________________. 

David seems to indicate the source of his trouble is not only from without, it is also from ______________________!

Perhaps David understood what we need to:  

David ________________________ great grief and anguish                V. 6-7

David’s grief and anguish affected his overall _________________            V. 1-3

David cries out for _________________: he wants to keep making a difference!        V. 4-5

Sheol was a type of holding tank for all the dead, but it appears to have been divided into two sections – one for the righteous and one for the ________________________________. 

Psalm 23         Luke 16        Ephesians 4:8-10        I Peter 3:18-19

Today when saints die, their spirits are ___________________________ directly into Heaven. 
2 Cor. 5 says that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. 

David’s words in verses 4-5 should be understood as a _____________________; he is pleading with God for God to extend his life. 

David is suddenly overwhelmed with assurance and ____________________        V. 8-10

What does the statement in verse 10 remind us of?

Do you understand who has moved in this Psalm?

O keep up life and peace within, 
If I must feel Thy chastening rod!
Yet kill not me, but kill my sin,
And let me know Thou art my God.
O give my soul some sweet foretaste
Of that which I shall shortly see!
Let faith and love cry to the last,
Come Lord, I trust myself with Thee!
-Richard Baxter (1615-1691)