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Psalm 9 Worksheet

This Psalm shows that when God answered David’s prayer, David said, “_________________  _______________, Lord!”

When you join Psalms 9 and 10 together, they form an alphabetic acrostic – every second verse begins with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet.


Four “I _________________” based on who God is                                               V. 1-2


Five “You _________________” based on who God is                                          V. 3-6

To David’s credit, he saw God as on the throne, in control, and able to act _____________ in the time of trouble (like in 3:3), and when the trouble was past.


God will judge ________________________                                                           V. 7-8, 15-16

If we fail to appreciate that there is a judgment each person will have __________________ this life, we will never be able to agree with verse 8, which says that God executes judgment on the people with fairness.


God will be a _______________________ to those who cry out to Him         V. 9-12

David reflects on the fact that God has not forsaken nor abandoned those who were killed by the godless – God will seek an _____________________ for those who cause their bloodshed.

Revelation 3:9


David: Committing the _________________ battle to the Lord                         V. 13-14

David was ever aware that the next victory would only come from the hand of the Lord!


The eternal ____________________ awaiting people                                          V. 17-18


David’s final _____________________ to God                                                        V. 19-20