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Psalm Chapter 10 Worksheet


Together Psalm 9 and 10 form an alphabetic _______________ in Hebrew.


Verse ______________ is key:


Dostoevsky: “If there is no God, all things are permissible.”


Verse one is a ___________________:


“Where are you, Lord, why aren’t you here when I need you?”


David had that kind of relationship with God: Free, open, honest questioning in a _____________________ of trust and love and intimacy! 


Motivation levels to serve God:


Love                                       Higher




Gratitude                              Hinge




Fear                                        Lower


Verses 2-11 describe in detail the devious ___________________ of the wicked.


What trait (s) of the godless do you see listed here?



Well, as David always does, he turns his complaint into a __________________ in the second half of the Psalm! In that he is a wonderful model for us!



The last three verses are a great ___________________!