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Psalm 11 Worksheet

A better translation of verse 1 would say, “The Lord is my refuge.”

The Hebrew word occurs __________ times in the Psalms, compared to 10 times in the REST of the Old Testament!


The only ____________________ refuge: YHWH!                                      V. 1-2

The history of Old Testament Israel was one in which they rarely did most of the things their beautiful law had called for.

2 Kings 23:21-23

When David was harassed by Saul and others there really were not many places to go where he could find true refuge. So David did what we need to do: when he couldn’t go to a place of refuge, he went to a ____________________ of refuge!


THE Question: What can the righteous do?                                                 V. 3

It takes a long time to ___________________ an exceptional life and reputation, but it can be seriously damaged quickly by reckless sins.


The Answers: What the righteous CAN do –                                                V. 4-7

1.        Realize God is still on His throne and ____________________ engaged!

2.        Don’t make America’s problems ___________ with your own wrecking ball

3.        Pick up your hammer and ___________________ what you can!


I am calling out everyone who hears this to do something when you come together with other believers: spend ____________________ time strategizing and actually rebuilding America than complaining about what lies in ruins.