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The Christian and Sexual Purity


God put all those things in the Bible because of the very real and very present struggle Israel and then members of the early church had to be pure – the same struggle seen in our church and churches everywhere today!

Read Colossians 3:5-7      The Christian and sexual purity                        Let’s Pray!

Every Christian is called to the “mortification” of their sexual sin                    V. 5

Last time we saw that believers are positionally dead to the sinful priorities they had when they were non-Christians. But because the old fleshly nature is still around, believers need to be practically killing sin every time it comes around.

“You must always be a killin’ sin, or sin will always be a killin’ you.”                                      -John Owen, On the Mortification of Sin

The Greek word for sexual immorality is porneia (G 4202) – that includes any sexual satisfaction gotten outside of the marriage covenant of a husband and his wife, including the use of pornography, pre-marital sex and adultery.

The Bible is clear that God’s perfect plan is for 100% of human sexual satisfaction to come between a husband and his wife, with 0% tolerance for pornography, pre-marital sex, or adultery.

Every non-Christian who refuses to repent is still heading for judgment       V. 6

God allows turns to Him and U-turns back to Him                                                 V. 7