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Psalm 15 Worksheet

This Psalm gives the humble, God fearing man or woman a way to ___________________ their hearts as they came near to the Tabernacle, and later the Temple, and for us, our times of gathering as believers.


Being people of grace does not allow us to be antinomian in our approach.

Antinomian means anti - ________________.

Now we know that the law is good, provided one uses it legitimately.         -1 Timothy 1:8


Essentially the two questions of verse 1 address what is ________________ where God lives. The rest of the Psalm gives 11 answers to those two questions.


Psalm 15 may have actually been used in the Tabernacle ______________ as a means of getting people ready to worship.


The first three statements have to do with ______________________ in general.

In God’s house people say and do the right thing – ALWAYS!


The next three things have to do with friends and neighbors.

In God’s house people use their speech to ___________   ________, not tear down – ALWAYS!


In God’s house sin is not tolerated – EVER!

In God’s house people are promise keepers – ALWAYS!


In God’s house taking ________________________ of people is not tolerated – EVER!


Ecclesiastes 5:1-7


Questions for the godly person to ask the Lord, and listen for His response:


O Lord, do I live honestly in Your eyes? What area of dishonesty do you want me to address in my life?


O Lord, do I practice righteousness in your eyes? What area of unrighteousness needs to be rooted out of my life?


O Lord, have I slandered and discredited another with my tongue? Who do I need to stop slandering and discrediting with my lips?


O Lord, do I hate the things you hate? What worthless things do I often talk about at church?


O Lord, do I celebrate people who are true Christian examples? Who should I contact and express appreciation to?


O Lord, am I a promise keeper? What promise have I failed to keep that I need to make right?


O Lord, have I truly helped “the least of these” that I come across? Who do I need to help that I have neglected to help?