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Psalm Chapter 16 Worksheet

Michtam is in the title of 6 psalms – 16 and 56-60.


A godly leader must delight in ________________                                   V. 1-2

Gospel math

Psalm 32


A godly leader should delight in God’s ____________________           V. 3-4

The Hebrew words for the last phrase are kal-hephsi-bam (“in whom is my delight”). That’s essentially the _________________ as Hephzibah, the new name God will give to His people (Isaiah 62:4).                       -Hat tip to Bob Alden for that!


A godly leader should delight in God’s ___________ on their lives     V. 5-6

Philippians 4:13


A godly leader trusts Christ’s ____________________                             V. 7-8

James 1:5-8                         Phil. 4:6-7                 Rom. 8:28                Matt. 6:33

A godly leader’s joy will continue to _______________ throughout eternity                                                                                                                                               V. 9-11

Philippians 1:21

We see Peter use verses 8-10 in Acts 2:25-28; We see Paul use verse 10 in Acts 13:35.

Those references make us justified in calling Psalm 16 a _________________ Psalm.

So many reject Christ for pleasure ________________ – but oh the pleasures to come for those who know and serve the Lord!