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Ready to do difficult things

We are always ready to do easy things! What separates growing and fruit-bearing Christians apart is how they are ready to do ____________ things.


The Early Disciples modeled for us being…

Ready for ______________________ farewells                                V. 1-2


Ready for _____________________ hospitality                                V. 4-10

Many people today would claim that they are too busy and can’t be bothered to change their routine for a little time. The early church simply valued ministry and relationship more than they worried about personal ________________________.


Ready to ________________________                                                V. 4-10

Acts 11:19a

Twenty years have passed, but it’s not time that heals all wounds. Time can give ____________________ the heat of the moment can’t. But it takes hard work to forgive and where possible, to move on in relationship.

Matthew 6:12                   Luke 17:3-4


Ready for sexual integrity and verbal _________________           V. 9

The person who gives in to temptation quickly and sins doesn’t know anything about temptation compared to the one who faces it head on and in faith does not ____________________ their biblical convictions.

1 Thess. 4:3-8



Ready to ____________________, ready to die                               V.10-14

The Holy Spirit had told Paul to go to Jerusalem, but more suffering and imprisonment awaited him. He was going _________________ so he could share about God’s grace bringing Jewish and Gentile believers together.

Circumstances can show you that God has opened a door that was previously closed, but we need to be careful not to think that circumstances in which it will be easy to obey are preferrable to circumstances that will _________________ suffering.

Going later to Jerusalem would only allow the Judaizers influence to grow, which could lead even more true Jewish Christians astray and keep them from developing _____________________ with Gentile Christians.

Hebrews 2:14-15