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The Christian Home

Parenting is at the same time one of the most wonderful, most humbling, most stretching, most tiring, most exciting, most frustrating, most valuable things you will ever do for Jesus. Regardless of the outcome you will come to appreciate your own Heavenly Father’s love and patience with us as His children.  

Two overarching commands for children:

Children are to obey their parents                                                      Col. 3:20; Eph. 6:1

Children your default setting needs to be to obey your parents - God put you under their care to teach you some of the basic things you need to know in life so that it will go well with you.

Children are to honor their parents                                                    Eph. 6:2-3

When children don’t honor and obey their parent’s authority they become little terrors in their neighborhoods and schools, and they grow up to disrespect authority in their workplaces and in interaction with governing authorities and also probably lack any fear of God, having disastrous national effects. 

Three overarching commands to Parents:

Parents are not to provoke their children to despair                    Col. 3:21; Eph. 6:4

Parents are to bring their children up in the discipline they need        Eph. 6:4

I would advise you to be stricter with your children when they are younger, and ease off on some restrictions as they age and show responsibility.

I would advise you that when you need to punish your children, make sure the punishment fits the ‘crime.’ Make sure you don’t discipline them in anger, explain to them why they are being punished, and pray with them afterwards.

Help your children navigate the digital age but also “unplug” overnight.  

Parents are to bring children up in the instruction of the Lord              Eph. 6:4

A few words to parents whose kids are older/ left the home: