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Psalm 19 Worksheet

Verses 1-6 talk about the witness of creation, sometimes called _________________ revelation.

Verses 7-11 talk about the witness of Scripture, sometimes called _______________ revelation.

Verses 12-14 are a wonderful prayer _________________ based on God’s truth.


Creation Speaks                                                                                                         V. 1-6

Verse 1 says ____________ the heavens declare: the glory of God, the work of His hands.

Verses 2-3 say _______________ the heavens declare: all the time!

Verse 4 says ___________________ the heavens declare: all the earth!

General revelation is not enough to __________________ a person, but it is enough to move him or her to thinking about eternal issues under the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 1:18-25                      1 Corinthians 10:15

It appears there will be __________________ of punishment in Hell based on what a person did with the revelation they received.

Matthew 11:20-24                  Revelation 20:11-15


Scripture Speaks                                                                                                        V. 7-11

These verses have ___________ synonyms for the Bible:



Our Prayer of Response                                                                                             V. 12-14

He is speaking of sins of _________________ in verse 12

He is speaking of sins of ____________________ in verse 13


May the words of my mouth and the mediations of my heart be acceptable to You, Lord, my Rock and Redeemer.                              =Psalm 19:14