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Obedient to our Heavenly Vision     Acts 24:27-26:29

Tonight we’re going to see a couple of rulers who could not afford to be mistaken about the truth that was presented to them – their ________________________ destiny was at stake!


Paul gets ____________________ from Felix to Festus       24:27-25:1

Felix had left Festus a mess! The new high priest Ishmael had replaced Jonathan, who Felix had _______________. Ishmael and the religious leaders immediately try to get Festus to try Paul in Jerusalem.


Paul’s actions NOW _______________ the Rule of Law      25:2-12

Luke knew Roman Officials would read this book – and it shows Christians very ____________________ of the Rule of Law.

We can see in Acts and the Apostle’s letters that they envisioned not preferential treatment but a ________________ playing field to share the gospel of truth.


Paul meets the __________________ King of the Jews       25:13-27

A friend of Emperor Claudius, Agrippa II had become King of Chalcis and other small areas. He did not rule over Judea but had been appointed as __________________ of the Temple.


Paul shared his testimony of meeting the Risen Lord         26:1-16

This is the _______________ time Paul shared his testimony in Acts – he never got over being captured by God’s grace – meeting the Risen Jesus!

Paul shared the gospel of the ___________ Lord                26:17-23

Paul taught that his message was that people needed to turn from their sin to God, and they were to go on to do works ______________ of repentance.

Paul ______________ his hearers for a response                26:24-29

Paul left the ________________ with God.

Festus said that Paul was crazy, and people will say you are crazy also! Agrippa refused to respond that day, and as far as we know, he never did. But I bet ________________ in that room DID that day, or shortly thereafter!