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Voyaging Together in the Storms of Life

Acts 27:1-37

“I came to America to convert the Indians – but alas, who will convert me?”                                  -a man named John in 1736


The _____________________ of life can get us where God wants us to be!

What they didn’t know until later was that God wanted to use Paul as an _________________ of healing, evangelism, and church planting on the island of Malta.

Wise Christians have spoken in the past of trusting the ____________ of providence/ God’s sovereign leading.

God moves in a mysterious way by William Cowper

Romans 8:28


Facing the storms of life the right way will _______________ your faith and character.

According to 2 Corinthians 11:22-33, Paul had endured ___________ shipwrecks already!

Paul was a ______________of hope when they had lost hope.


Christians showing faith in the storms of life _______________ impacts others.

Paul was modeling calm in the storm: you can’t do that if you don’t have a ______________faith. They were afraid to die, but Paul was not!

Malta became the ___________________ European Christian Nation.


Maybe by now you’ve figured out we were talking about John _____________________.

Jesus Thy Blood and Righteousness by Count Zinzendorf