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Psalm 22 Worksheet
This is what we call a _____________________  Psalm, one of the psalms that includes prophecies and information about Christ.  
Verses 1-21 constitute a prayer of the righteous
C_____________________: 1-2, 6-8, 12-18
T_____________________: 3-5, 9-11, 19-21
Matthew 27:36
Verse two reminds us that the psalmists model for us taking our complaints ____________________ to God, no matter how critical. God can handle it!

Verse three-five reminds us that the psalmists also model reminding God and ourselves of His past _____________________ and promises.
Key here in verses 9-11 is that this is another passage that confirms that life begins __________________________ the day of birth!
Verses 12-18 provide many direct and indirect allusions to the ______________of Christ's Passion Week.
Verse 15 is a key verse theologically: God ______________ that Christ should die.

Isaiah 53

Verses 22-25 are words of _____________________even amidst suffering

There are some wonderful "I wills" in the Bible.
Henrietta Mears.
Verse 26-31 are a _________________________
I love these verses, most of which are in the future tense!
What are some of the things David predicts here: