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Believing is Seeing 
Read John 20:24-31        Believing is seeing        Let’s Pray!
Thomas doubts because he hasn’t personally seen the Risen Christ    V. 24-25
We do know that because Thomas missed “church” (the Greek word means assembly) on Resurrection Sunday he missed encountering the Risen Christ.
If everyone who has ever lived insisted on physically seeing Jesus alive like Thomas does here, the only ones who ever became Christians would have been the 500 disciples who saw Jesus alive before He went back to Heaven.  
“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”        -Luke 19:10
Thomas sees Jesus Christ alive and believes                    V. 26-28
The defining mark of knowing Jesus down here is not physically seeing Him but having the peace with God that He brings us!  
The rest of us must believe before we get to personally see Jesus    V. 29-31