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Psalm 25 Worksheet 
Psalm 25 features 3 different types of literary devices:
First, Psalm 25 is an ____________________: nearly every verse in the Hebrew begins with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet!
Second, Psalm 25 is also in _____________________ structure (take out verse 22). The thoughts of verse 1 and 21, 2, and 20, and so on, all complement each other with a big point in the middle! 
Third, many of the verses are _____________________ by key words or thoughts. 

A simple outline:
David petitions the Lord                            V. 1-7
Notice after David states that his __________________ in the Lord, he launches into 8 petitions of the Lord, four positive ones followed by four negative ones. 
What does David want God to remember in verse 6?
His _____________________ and Hesed (Steadfast love) 
What does David want God not to remember in verse 7?
The ____________________ of his youth
David states the Lord’s character and deeds         V. 8-10
Proverbs 3:3
The middle: David asks God to forgive        V. 11
    David states more about God’s deeds                V. 12-15
David states more petitions to the Lord                V. 16-21
In verse 21 David has a specific enemy in mind that he is blameless against, and so he again prays that his own integrity and uprightness in the ____________________ matter with that enemy will be vindicated by God, who David waits on! 
David asks God to redeem Israel as a people!            V. 22
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
Pray for the redemption of Israel!