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Psalm 26 Worksheet


Psalm 26 is one of the Psalms of ______________________.


David asks God to ______________________ him in this situation                                   V. 1-2

David uses 4 imperative verbs to appeal for justice in verses 1-2.

Leaders like David have so many people talking junk about them, rumors move faster than they could ever deal with them one on one. David didn’t hire a press agent, he talked to the Lord about it.

David says, “Since I trust in you, Lord, I don’t need to be all __________________ about this!” 


David makes the case for his innocence and ____________________ behavior               V. 3-8

There’s our two words, Hesed and Emet, together again!

If you think David is a little ‘judgy’ here, remember that this was from David’s prayer life as kind of a journal entry before it was a song to be sung.

David isn’t so much reminding God here as he is reminding _________________________ not to look for godless alternatives to faith during a difficult time.

David says, “Instead of going to the wrong kind of places, I am going to the Tabernacle and offering a sacrifice and seeking God’s face and being with people going there instead of sinful places!”

I think many times we can say that about church – “This place will keep you from sin, but sin will also keep you from this place!”


David makes clear he is staying on God’s _______________________                   V. 9-12

I love how David brings it back around to a hymn –

“I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back!”

Good government consists in this – for a man to do to his country as much good as possible, or at least, to do it invariably no harm.       -Nicias (414 BC)   1:54

Make sure your ___________________ is to bless the Lord even if your trials continue longer than you hoped they would!