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At the time the lambs for Passover were being brought into Jerusalem, Jesus Himself came into Jerusalem as the Lamb of God!

Jesus rode humbly into Jerusalem on a donkey, a beast of burden, foreshadowing the work He was about to do on the cross.

Creation week is covered in 2 chapters in Genesis; Christmas week is covered in 5 chapters at the beginning of the gospels, but there are 30 chapters covering the week of Christ’s Death and Resurrection.   



Our Philosophy

Word of Life’s Student Ministry Program is built on a simple philosophy: reaching youth whose culture is constantly changing with the biblical truth that never changes. Our goal is to equip you as the local church to evangelize and disciple students each and every week.


Creative Discipleship

“Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness.”

1 Tim. 4:7b


Creative Discipleship is designed to reward your students as they develop habits of spiritual growth to strengthen their relationship with Christ. As students make progress throughout the year, they receive points towards awards and scholarships. The incentives encourage movement to develop spiritual habits while the Spirit of God grows their desire for a deepening relationship with Jesus. Creative Discipleship focuses student involvement in seven key areas of growth.


If a student earns 500 points in the Creative Discipleship program within a ministry year, (June 1 – May 31st) that student will earn the several scholarships available for Word of Life Camps and the Bible Institute.

Click Here for the list of points available for scholarship, a list of Christian services and a breakdown of how to achieve these points within the school year. 

Click Here for the approved reading book list.

Click Here for the FREE online verse pack choices!


Word of Life offers the following three awards for every student who reaches  a minimum of 500 points in the Creative Discipleship Program in one year:

1. One FREE ticket to one Word of Life Reverb event.

2. One FREE week of Word of Life Summer Camp OR one weekend of Word of Life Snow Camp (New York) or Pursuit Camp (Florida).

3. A $500 Scholarship for the Word of Life Bible Institute in Pottersville, NY or Hudson, FL.