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Jesus Is Still The Answer                    Luke 13:22-35

“The crucified man only faces one direction. He is not facing all around, but only facing one direction.”                       -A Seasoned Saint

The Wrong Question Asked to the Right ______________ V. 22-23

Jesus knew that man and the others did not need to concentrate on how many others would be saved – Jesus knew THAT man and those listening needed to make sure that _____________ were really saved!

The Right Answer Condemns All With Wrong ___________ V. 24-30

The word strive comes from the word we get agonize from – agonizomai (G 75). It was used of an athlete engaging in an athletic contest.                                       See I Timothy 6:12

The narrow gate is Jesus, and entrance happens through ________________ and faith!

John 8:24; John 10:9; John 14:6; Acts 3:19; Rom. 10:9-10

You can be forgiven of all sin you repent of, but you can’t be forgiven of sin you _____________________ to repent of.

“Cheap grace is the grace we bestow on ourselves. Cheap grace is the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance.”                          -Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Those who respond wrongly to Jesus will go to _______________.

The Wrong Concern Expressed to the Right Prophet           V. 31-33

The word for perfected in Luke 13:32 could be translated ___________ (Root Teleioo – G 5048). It is very close to the word used when Jesus said “It is finished” in John 19:30 (Root Teleo – G5055).    – See Heb. 5:9

The man God calls is immortal until his work is done.   -A.W. Tozier

The Right Concern for those with Wrong ____________    V. 34-35