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Nine Traits of a Christian Leader Part 1                    Galatians 5:16-25

If you had to say who the best kings of Israel and Judah were in the Bible, who would you say?               2 Kings 15:3-4


Each of us does have a sphere of ______________ we are leaders in, and will give an account to God for how we used those positions to advance His causes.

The Apostle Paul, himself a tremendous leader, contrasts 2 ways to walk in this world. The first is to walk in the flesh, and the second is to walk in the ___________________.             Eph. 1:13-14    I Cor. 3:16

The secret of victory in the Christian life is to say “__________” to God the Holy Spirit, one decision at a time.


Personnel determine the potential of the organization; Relationships determine the morale of the organization; Structure determines the size of the organization; Vision determines the direction of the organization; Leadership determines the success of the organization.                     -John Maxwell


Now let’s think about of the three tasks of a Christian leader.

First, leaders have task (s) they need to get ______________.

Second, leaders have _______________ to help develop.

Third, Christian leaders live and speak in such a way that those they lead are drawn _____________________ Jesus Christ.

Christian leadership is developing people through work, living and speaking in such a way that those led are drawn toward Jesus Christ.


The first trait of an effective Christian leader is _______________.

Why is love the first trait of an effective Christian leader?

Because people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.


Biblical love is a decision to deeply care about the welfare of others, and to act toward them and speak with them in ways that meet their __________________ needs.

I Corinthians 13                       Ephesians 4:15


Now here are some ways you can show love to those you lead –

_____________________ for those you lead.

_____________________ their big days.

Spend time ____________________ with those you lead.

Schedule ___________________ time between “have-to’s” so you can spend time with people.

__________________ people when their job is the toughest