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‘Fess upward and ‘fess outward               Luke 12:1-12

Protect the people from the park, protect the park from the people, and protect the people from each other.    -The Ranger’s motto

In today’s passage we will see Jesus getting his disciples ready for how the world is going to be for them without Him _____________ present. 

We are called to uncover sin _______________                               V. 1-3

The word for hypocrisy comes from a word for acting – one who plays a part, an actor who ________________ to be someone they’re not.

Leaven spreads like mold in bread – the Pharisees hypocritical teaching spread like mold in Israel.

Jesus makes clear that hypocritical lives and lies will be ___________

Numbers 32:23 I John 1:9            Psalm 32:1-5

Romans 14:10-13             I Corinthians 4:1-5

We are called to fear God ___________________                            V. 4-7

What fear conquers all other fears?                       

If you are born again by faith in Christ, how you die won’t matter – you will be ________________ for the coming Day of Judgment!

If God remembers and cares for sparrows that have such little relative value, He will remember and care for us who He loves enough to die for!

We are called to confess Christ ________________                         V. 8-12

“You will be owned or disowned by Christ, in the great day, according as you now own or disown Him.”      -Matthew Henry

Romans 10:9-10               John 16:7-12

The Holy Spirit convicts you of your lost condition, impresses on you that Christ is willing to forgive and save you, and that time is ______________ out for you in this life.

Polycarp (156 AD)